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Build Momentum for your Future.
Go $500 to $500,000.

The Young Founders Scale Program is a Year-Round mentorship for Teen Entrepreneurs with businesses or equivalent experience

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Build a Network

Build an elite network at advisors and operators. Attend mentor mashups with seasoned entrepreneurs and CEO's in your industry. Connect with other teens advanced entrepreneurs, and get coaching and support for building new relationships

Mentorships Calls

We combine teaching, coaching, and guiding in a 45-minute call every other week. Develop accountability with regular check-ins multiple times per week, which builds long-term caring and supportive mentor relationships.

College and Life Skills

Build your narrative to get into a top-tier university, while learning skills for success - time management, organization, innovative approach, design, thinking, public speaking, confidence and leadership. 

Life-Long Mentor

Build the Future

Like elite-level sports and music, entrepreneurship cannot be learned overnight. Through months and years of practice, teens develop an expertise that radically impacts their futures, opening doors to lifelong value creation and successful academic careers. At the Young Founders SCALE Program, our mentorship provides students with infrastructure on which they can build the rest of their life.

Get an Edge Through Entrepreneurship

Our Founders Attend

Financial Infrastructure

Bank Account and LLC Services

We provide teen entrepreneurs with a bank account to get their startup going as well as company organization through an LLC. Once companies achieve a certain size, we help students set up their own financial and company structures

Join a selective community of doers

Start with the foundation

At scale we are selective about who we work with. All students are vetted by our team before committing to work with a teen. During our interviews, we look for passion and ambition to pursue value creation through entrepreneurship. To join the SCALE program, you need to have generated at least $500 in revenue at your own business or to have attended one of our foundational programs, like the Young Founders Fellowship.

Work with a Mentor Today!

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